• Kelley Rouland

Family, Friends, and COVID-19

I think we can all agree the world is hurting right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed economies, put a strain on health care systems, and left everyone feeling insecure about the future. It's doubtful life will look the same once we reach the other side of this. At the same time, emerging from all of this fear and heartbreak is a stronger sense of unity. Since the pandemic, there seems to be a wealth of compassion, and cohesiveness in communities despite the separation. Small businesses devastated by the effects of COVID-19 are donating the products they can't use to those in need, friends are reaching out and offering help to each other, and families are connecting now more than ever despite being cooped up inside. Before the CORONAVIRUS I never had a family reunion via video chat, but now it's a bi-weekly event. I've had conversations with relatives I hadn't seen for over a decade and I've had more phone chats with my mother and brother. It seems our previously busy lives have slowed down so much that we now have a renewed connection with our fellow humans.

My family before the birth of my brother, circa 1976, I'm the one in the middle

On episode 4 of BornToInspirePodcast I spoke with Ansley Reese, a young and talented business owner in Colorado Springs who uses her spa and salon as a platform to give back to communities across the United States. This is something that comes naturally to her. She comes from a long line of givers, including her late sister who died tragically several years ago. During my interview with Ansely, she talked about how her sister--who was beautician--took her hair styling skills to a local nursing home where she would donate her services to the residents. Family inspires Ansley to live her best life and to give to others.

How does family inspire you?

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