• Kelley Rouland

Goodbye 2020 and Hello my YouTube Superstar

Well, here we are, just weeks away from Christmas and the end of 2020. And I have to say, this year has been challenging in so many ways, both personally and nationally. On a personal level, my family and I have experienced the loss of loved ones and furloughs. And of course, we all know the difficulties we're facing as a country. But for a short time, I would like to step away from all that and focus on blessings. I hope all of you have experienced some good despite the mess that is 2020. One of the biggest highlights for me has been watching someone I love enormously finally find the success he had been working for. My fiance Jason is an excellent, hardworking person who had a dream of succeeding at YouTube, and on this very day, he's saying goodbye to his job of 5 years and embarking on his brand new role as a full-time YouTuber. This new journey is so exciting for Jason, and it's changed our lives in so many ways.

Having said all that, I would like to extract what I think is the overall message: Follow. Your. Heart! About three years ago, when he first told me about his plans to grow his YouTube channel into a business, I have to say I was skeptical. Although I knew it was a thing, I just never knew anyone personally who did it. Jason has a tremendous analytical brain and was excellent at speaking on the talk show he produced. A co-worker and I even thought he should go into law, but that just wasn't what Jason wanted to do. That's when my heart took over, and I let go of what seemed logical. Jason was following his passion, and when your work brings you that much joy, you can't go wrong.

Meanwhile, over the course of weeks, months, and years, the "little Youtube channel that could" grew into a profitable income. And here we are. As I sit here writing, Jason is finishing up his last day at his radio job, and I'm in awe of what he's accomplished. I am so proud of him for following his dreams. God plants seeds in our hearts, and when they are carefully nurtured and taken care of, they grow into beautiful new beginnings.

May 2021 be the year your dreams blossom.

Happy Holidays,


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