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Life is a Journey, Bee Happy

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of rest, relaxation, and good times. Although my weekend started with major dental work (not a good start, but it happens), it quickly improved. I spent the time with family. We watched movies, talked, laughed, and had an all-around good time. We even got out of the "at home" groove and went out to eat for my Mom's birthday and did a little shopping; It seems things are starting to return to normal (starting being the keyword). While getting our "shopping groove on," I came across this fantastic little "Bee Happy" t-shirt and thought it was particularly fitting since Saturday was International Happiness Day, which leads me to my point.

Happiness, its the one thing we all want, but it can sometimes be the most challenging, especially during times like these. So, I decided to compile a shortlist of things I think we can all do (myself included) to bring more happiness into our lives. Here we go...

  1. Rest in your faith. I'm so guilty of feeling that I have to control everything in my life. This frequently leads to frustration when I realize how much is truly out of my control. I sometimes have to remind myself that all of this worry is needless and that faith is the answer. Years ago, in college, one of my communications professors stated that Christians are statistically the happiest population. I remember finding this fascinating, and I was curious as to why. I came to my own conclusion. Christians rest in their faith in God. Instead of carrying the heavy burden of worry and desperation to fix everything, they know they are not alone. They know God has their back and that he is in control. So, when life feels the most challenging, remember God is with you.

  2. Take the little things in life get "over the top" excited about them. Going back to my college days again, A professor discussed how statistically, the happiest couples took aspects they loved about their spouse and blew them out of proportion (and by the way, those aspects were not physical, as that can change over time). It may sound crazy, but their over-the-top enthusiasm about their significant other lead to a long and happy relationship. I think this is true with every aspect of our life. Every day I try to get overly enthusiastic about lots of things in my life. Whether it's my relationship, my dog, or my home, I take the small stuff and get excited about them. Again, call me crazy, but this works. It shifts your focus from what's wrong to what's right.

  3. One last thing, try to do something you love every day. It's a challenge in our fast-paced world; there is no doubt about that. But I have found when I spend at least a few minutes doing those things I feel passionate about each day; I feel better about life. For me, I love painting, singing, and writing. These are things I try my best to get to each day. It doesn't always happen. That's just the nature of life; our world is unpredictable. But the important thing is making it a habit. Taking a little time each day to lose yourself in something you love equals happiness.

I hope you all have the happiest of weeks.

Until next time...

Love to all,


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